DSL (Available Nationwide)

If our wireless high speed product is not available yet in your area, you may still recieve our nationwide DSL service.

Better performance = Better results

Its true in sports, sales, or investing. It's also true with your Internet connection.

While a 100% performance increase would be outstanding, an Internet America DSL connection performance increase over a standard dial-up connection begins at 1,349%* so be prepared for some rather impressive results!

And those impressive results won’t be short lived either, because unlike other broadband alternatives, your connection doesn’t share bandwidth with other subscribers and unlike other DSL providers, our DSL service is unlimited!


  • Unlimited 'Always on' broadband access
  • Download speeds from 768Kbps to 7.1Mbps
  • (5) 2GB e-mail boxes with SPAM filtering and Virus protection
  • 10MB of Personal Web-space
  • Webmail and mobile e-mail to your cell phone, smart phone or PDA
  • Superior customer support

In addition to faster music, video and gaming transfers, the robust performance of your Internet America DSL connection allows you to use:

  • VoIP
  • Distance learning or "online education"
  • Video surveillance
  • Video conferencing

An Internet America DSL connection can truly change the way you use the Internet..

Why Upgrade from Dialup to DSL?

  • Blazing fast 'Always on' high-speed connection: Surf the web, experience movies, digital music, and e-mail all at speeds you never dreamed possible.
  • Have your own Home Office: Work from home full or part time and reduce your commute.
  • Multiple computers on the Internet at the same time: Share your connection with other computers on your network.
  • No need for a secondary phone line: Talk on the phone even while you are connected.

Why Internet America DSL?

  • Truly unlimited bandwidth: No caps, limits, throttling, or overage fees.
  • Affordable: Great pricing, low setup fees and no hidden charges.
  • No credit checks or deposits.
  • We aren't "Big Brother:" What you do online is your business! We never have and never will sell information regarding your internet habits.
  • Nationwide coverage: Increase your service availability and account portability options while decreasing the hassle of managing accounts in multiple locations.
  • Manage your accounts and e-mail anywhere: Never be out of touch! Internet America's interactive My.Airmail portal allows you to monitor activity, add services, check e-mail and make payments for each DSL account at or away from home.
  • Experienced and friendly customer support located in the United States.

To Order DSL Service Call 1.800.232.4335 Now!

* - Comparison based on a DSL service plan with download speed starting at 768Kbps and standard dial-up at 53Kbps. Service offerings vary by location.

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    "I wish the Federal Government did any kind of service as well as you do customer service :) "
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    "I was very pleased with this process. The web request to start service was easy, I received a phone call very quickly and the installers were available when I was and arrived right on time. They did a good job and we are pleased with our service."
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