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Living in rural areas such as Dayton, Texas does not mean you need to live without the newest technologies available in Internet services. With Internet America, you can enjoy fast, reliable, wireless Internet even if traditional services are not available in your area. Internet America is the ISP Dayton residents associate with fast and secure Internet access because it is always available, uninterrupted, and fast enough for streaming content such as Netflix.

Our Internet services are available in a variety of connection types; from dedicated high-speed to dial-up; although wireless Internet is our main product for areas where traditional Internet services cannot be obtained. Although we are geared toward providing residential high-speed Internet in Dayton, we also provide an array of excellent options for our business customers as well. For instance, in addition to uninterrupted, “always on” connections, free e-mail addresses, and virus protection, we offer business subscribers additional value-added features such as:

  • Fax2email
  • Managed web site hosting
  • Server colocation
  • Domain name registration

Internet America offers high quality wireless Internet Dayton residents can access on a continuous basis. We also have highly trained and responsive customer service representatives who can quickly resolve any issues or answer any questions our customers may have seven days a week. Over the years, Internet America has garnered the trust of an enormous number of subscribers. With our record of outstanding service, features that ensure a safe and secure connection, and the most up-to-date add-ons, our customers can enjoy a user experience that is unparalleled.

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      What Our Customers Are Saying:

      "Emily was great. She not only put up with me, but she's very patient and understanding. She also found out what the problem was in a timely manner, and to top it off, she called me back in a manner of minutes. Emily is an excellent customer service representative, and I think she has a great future with Internet America. She has a lot of energy, and is willing to go the extra mile for the customer."
      -Bruce W.

      "Jathaine solved my problem in less than 5 minutes. I had been working on solving it myself for 3 DAYS! 'Thank you' to the outstanding and knowledgeable representative. I am very happy with the your excellent customer service."
      -Dolores S.

      "I have been so very pleased with the professionalism of the installation of the upgraded equipment and the prompt answer to my billing question. Internet America has really made a huge difference in the internet speed that we previously had from the Smithville area."
      -Gale B.

      "I wish the Federal Government did any kind of service as well as you do customer service :) "
      -Nancy B.

      "Mike was a pleasure to work with as he corrected the problem. He has a light-hearted nature about him that kept me from feeling intimidated by his knowledge and experience. I hope that others will emulated his friendliness."
      - Charlene M.

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