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Wireless high-speed Internet is considered to be a "leap frog" technology. This means that high-speed Internet can be delivered without all the tedious and costly infrastructure. If you live in rural Texas there are solutions for you. Internet America is your Hillsboro Internet service provider (ISP).

The good news is that we can deliver services to almost anyone in the lone star state, regardless of location. It doesn't matter if you haven't been able to receive DSL or cable internet services in the past....we can still reach you. We go the extra mile to provide access to people who have been left behind by traditional options. You don't even have to have a telephone or satellite/cable service. That is the old way of thinking. With an increasing amount of technologies going wireless, this is a no brainer.

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We take pride in the fact that we can help make the world a smaller place. It allows our clients to have the freedom to live where they want, and stay connected to the outside world. Communication is paramount in the modern day, and nobody realizes this more than us.

If you seek internet service in Hillsboro, please turn to the experts at Internet America. Our wireless ISP solutions offer the flexibility you that you've been waiting for.

Internet America proudly offers service in many parts of Texas.

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      What Our Customers Are Saying:

      "I have had great techs walk me through the very few issues I have needed help with. Keep up the good work. Everyone in Victoria County Texas should have Internet America."
      -Patrick H.

      "I have such consistently good connection and support, I am able to work from home most of the time. As a disabled vet, this is priceless to me. I try not to freak when something does happen, but I am pretty spoiled. All your fault! (grin) I think I have had an outage for more than an hour about three times in the last five YEARS! And only one of those (this one) lasted more than 24 hours. So thank you for all of your hard work and outstanding service!"

      "Mike was a pleasure to work with as he corrected the problem. He has a light-hearted nature about him that kept me from feeling intimidated by his knowledge and experience. I hope that others will emulated his friendliness."
      - Charlene M.

      "IA rocks since 1998!"
      -Nancy A.

      "I was very pleased with this process. The web request to start service was easy, I received a phone call very quickly and the installers were available when I was and arrived right on time. They did a good job and we are pleased with our service."
      -Amanda B.

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